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Mega Marble World - new game for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis.

This game is hard. Try to reach door or crater - this is your objective. Move the ball with arrow keys. The ball will continue moving selected direction until it will hit on maze wall or another obstacle. You need to think in advance about the ball route, otherwise you'll find yourself in a dead end and lose a game.

The game becomes harder and wall maze more diverse with each level. New elements and objectives appears. Move the ball in four directions. Roll the ball into the doorway to proceed next room. Roll the ball into the pocket. The room is partially collapsed. Don't drop the ball into pits. If the ball will reach the portal it will come out from another one.

Each level has its password. Use them to continue from the point you stopped. If you start with password you'll not be able to earn points from missed levels and to break a record.

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