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It 's a fantastic visual comic book-style shooter. 2277 year. The remote planet was attacked by space invaders wanting to destroy nature and the inhabitants of the planet. Rebels confront robotic aliens. The player will act as one of the resistance leaders who masterfully controls firearms. You will have the opportunity to ride a jeep, fly a scooter, ride a hoorboard, while dealing with crowds of different enemies and their giant bosses. There are 11 levels, each offering its own challenge.

How to play

Advance your character by eliminating the enemies which appear. Finish off the boss at the end of each stage to clear it and advance to the next level. Taking a hit from your enemies will kill your character. If you run out of lives, the game ends. Even if the game ends, you can pick up where you ended with the CONTINUE feature.


Start button: Pauses/resumes game;

D-pad (Directional button): Controls player movement and weapon aim.

A button: Weapons select;
B button: Shoots weapon;
C button: Jump.

Hold B and press A: Toggles between shot types.
Type I: Player can move while firing.
Type II: Player cannot move while firing.

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