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This is a puzzle. You control the ball. You can roll it in 4 directions. The ball is uncontrollable until it stops. You are only able to make a direction change when you hit a surface - it is straight line movements all the way.

Player might have to revisit locations or choose from multiple paths to finish the level. There can be a sequence of challenges that a player must solve to complete the level. Each level has a set of challenges to get around such as pits and other problems.

Some passages are closed by a magical barrier. Use a magic stone to destroy the magic barrier. There are four types of barriers that differ in color. It is necessary to use a magic stone of the corresponding color. There is a universal magic stone - multi-colored.

Some levels have items that provide additional opportunities.


Over 30 levels;

Non-linear gameplay;

Password system;

4 level themes: Dungeon, Pirate Ship, Water Stream, Palace;

9 melodies;

9 languages: English, German, Turkish, Kurdish, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and French.